Introducing Improved Anaplan DX: a browser extension for Anaplan Modelers


We at valantic are excited to share our latest development: Improved Anaplan DX, a browser extension designed to enhance your modeling experience and increase efficiency. Please see below for more details. The extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store (can be installed on Chrome and Edge):

For any feedback, suggestions, bugs, or general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Here's how the Improved Anaplan DX enhances your model building experience:

1. Keyboard Shortcuts: Say goodbye to the mouse! We've added an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts that cover almost all actions in Anaplan. From navigating modules to editing line items, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can accomplish tasks with just a few keystrokes, without continuously having to swap between mouse and keyboard.

2. Page and Report Analysis: Need to find all pages referencing a particular module? Or want to identify which line items are used as filter variables in your pages and reports? Our extension has you covered! With a keyboard shortcut, you can quickly locate and analyse critical dependencies, enabling you to make informed decisions about your models.

3. AI-powered Formula Assistance: Imagine having an AI-powered assistant right in the formula editor, just like Co-pilot for developers. With our integration of ChatGPT, you'll have access to intelligent suggestions, code snippets, and contextual guidance as you write your Anaplan formulas. This powerful feature will help you become even more efficient and accurate in your modelling.

4. Formula Editor Enhancements: We've supercharged the formula editor to make creating and editing formulas a breeze. Hovering over items or functions now provides helpful tooltips, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Additionally, our validation and error highlighting feature help catch potential issues before you even submit your formulas, saving you valuable time and reducing frustrating wait periods.

5. Enhanced Popup Windows: We've taken the annoyance out of popup windows in Anaplan. Our solution makes them focus traversable (you can navigate the window with Tab), allowing for seamless navigation within popups. We have also added styling to these elements, so you always know which one you have currently selected. You can also reach the enter button with tab and confirm your changes in all popups now.

You can customise the extension by turning most features on or off in the extension settings.

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  • Vinz
    Answer ✓

    @alexpavel Happy to hear the extension is useful to you!

    There currently is no such way, but we could certainly add the option to additionally display some buttons in for i.e. the popup that would achieve this. Would that work for you?



  • axel.frot
    edited July 2023

    Interesting ctrl alt i and o.
    thanks a lot for sharing!

    5. Enhanced Popup Windows: We've taken the annoyance out of popup windows in Anaplan.


  • AxelT
    edited July 2023

    Very nice!

    Love the function to identify which line items are used as filter variables in your pages and reports (ctrl+alt+o).

  • Vinz

    Glad you like the feature(s)! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas on how this might be improved further.

  • Change notes 1.2.31:
    - Fix confirm button in source file edit view bugging out
    - Improve GPT Integration Feature (Prompt tweaks, punish longer responses)

  • Would be great to have a feature like "Improved Colors" from the A+ for Anaplan extension. It makes the modules visually easier to work with.

  • @Langerjt Thanks a lot for the feedback, happy to look into that.

  • @Vinz thank you for responding. below link is a post i made after the comment giving further detail on what improved colors does. I am really disappointed it no longer is available

  • @Langerjt I have included a preview of this in Update 1.2.33. With Ctrl + Alt + W in an open Module, it will add the grey shades to all Headings, Summaries and also Hierarchy Parents. Please let me know if my understanding of your request is correct, I will then expand this further, make it customizable and automatic etc.

    Version 1.2.33 is currently in review and should be public latest by tomorrow, perhaps earlier.

  • @vinz, thats great! i will check out once published and let you know

  • @vinz what you built already makes it easier to read a module/report. Thank you!

    if possible, it would be great to customize each "style" type. for example, for me, in the below pic, my "style" headings have no shading, but my summaries have shading + Bold font. Also, in the below the yellowish shaded cells are manual input/blank cells (ADJ - Acc Ins). Any white cells are calculations. These slight color variations make it so much easier to navigate the model.

  • Vinz

    @Langerjt I have just submitted another update; 1.2.35. It will include the custom styling as per your request:

    The input fields now have the background colour. This colour can be customized in the extension settings.

    Heading & Summary Line Items can optionally also be highlighted with both a background colour and bold font. This too, can be customized for both categories in the extension settings. The background colour fields expect a valid Hex code.

    Let me know if this could be improved further.

  • @Vinz This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for creating this. Everyone on our team is super excited for this!

  • Vinz

    @Langerjt Happy to hear this is useful to you and your team!

    Please feel free to get back to me with more feedback/ideas/input any time.

  • @vinz Hey, one quick suggestion. Would it be possible to carry the same formatting that we can do in the modules to the dashboard? if not, no worries. thanks again for your help!

  • Vinz
    edited October 2023

    @Langerjt Like so?

    I have included this in patch 1.2.36. This is, of course, also customizable in the extension settings (bottom two).

    Also, I made a judgment call and set the summary/heading line item custom styles to only apply when there are editable cells in the table (see example below). That's because it is unfortunately impossible to distinguish regular entries in the table from summary/heading line items, and the custom styles would thus apply to the entire table, which just looks weird.

    Finally, please note that Anaplan Apps use so-called ShadowRoot Elements, which are dynamically loaded in as you scroll through the page. This means that the styling will only be applied when the grid view is fully within the viewport, so you may occasionally see some elements at the bottom of your screen that do not have the styling applied yet.

    Again, please just let me know if this can be improved / expanded on.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear in the dashboards I was referring to. We still use the classic dashboards within the model. We haven't recreated the classic dashboards in Apps yet. I think if we were to re-create the dashboard in Apps we could select the formatting with what Anaplan offers as is. We probably should migrate our classic dashboards to the App for best practice, but at this point in time we dont have the capacity to start that project. Plus, we have small team and like having the ability to quickly view data in the classic dashboard and then adjsut in the module quickly if we need to. If the formatting in the module you made in the extension could carry into the classic dashboard that would be great, but if not, its not a big deal.

    Example of formatting in module (perfect formatting with your extension):

    Same module published to dashboard (no formatting):

  • Vinz

    @Langerjt Ok, I see. That should be quite easy I suppose. I will reflect those changes in 1.2.37 then and overwrite what I submitted earlier.

  • @Vinz wonderful, ill be on the look out for that release/publish. thanks again!

  • Vinz

    @Langerjt 1.2.37 is now live. Please let me know if everything works as expected and if you have any further ideas.

  • @Vinz works exactly like expected. thank you so much. i'll keep you posted on any other ideas!

  • 🚀 New Feature: Collapsible Configuration Cards in Apps & Dashboards! 🚀

    Exciting news! We've just rolled out a game-changing feature in the Apps & Dashboards section: the Collapsible Configuration Card. Have a lengthy configuration card at the top of your page? Now, you can make it collapsible! Just add a custom keyword to the card's title and voilà – you can expand or collapse the row with ease. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a more streamlined, efficient workspace. Try it out now and experience the difference! 🌟💡👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • @Vinz Really helpful !

    Is there any way to trigger the reports without using shortkeys ? for example, there are keyboards that on Ctrl+Alt+i are setup to write a special character and, when hit, it will not trigger the report of the modules in which NUX pages are published. Is there any way to trigger this without using the Ctrl+Alt+i ?



  • @Vinz : yes, adding the option to trigger the report via buttons (not only via shortkeys) would be great! :) . Thanks.

  • @Vinz and to others who encounter this issue: Just to let you know that I found the workaround.

    The Chrome extension works OK if the keyboard layout installed is English US ( not English United States-International).

    Having selected the keyboard layout "English US" (see below) solved the issue. :)

    Hope it helps,


  • @matthias.siller I'm trying out this nice addin. In chrome if I click on the search icon and I then use the alt buttons a strange behaviour occurs. I would need to use the alt button to start typing if I want to search for object names that have these characters "[]"

    Also, not sure I understand the collapsible configuration card…where it is, how to set it, etc

    Thanks for your contributions !

  • @matthias.siller Thanks for this amazing extension ! Life changing :)

    Any chance to get a feature like the filter one to also get a list of line items used as color codings in pages?

    Thanks a lot !

  • Vinz

    @alexpavel and anyone else affected by this: The issue you were observing should be resolved in version 1.2.47 and all the Ctrl + Alt + … shortcuts should work on the en-UK keyboard layout as well.

    Please do let me know should the issue persist.

  • Vinz

    @Alessio_Pagliano Please use Ctrl + Alt (the alt key to the left of the space bar) to prevent this from happening while we're working to exclude the shortcut from firing when affected windows/search bars are in focus.

    The collapsible configuration cards are found on the Apps, where you can expand & collapse rows holding information you do not necessarily need to see at all times:

    You can customize the keyword used to identify these in the extension settings.

  • @Vinz I checked and the Extention version is updated to 1.2.42, I installed ENG-UK keyboard layout, but I still have the issue.

    In yellow are the keyboards that did not work: (only the first keyboard layout ENG-US it's working for me.