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This module consists of E2 Employee# list and 2 line items, one is to filter out the employee whose department needed to be changed. When I applied the filter and enable it all the unchecked line Items vanished. what I need is, when all is unchecked the list should appear and when one list member is checked it should filter out every other list member and only show the checked one. What are the ways I can achieve this? Help me with hints or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


  • Konstantin97
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    Hi @SoumyadipKuila

    You can create new line item just for filtering.

    To put formula in this line item please do the following:
    1) Ensure you have top level element in Employee hierarchy (Let's call it "AAA")
    2) Apply summary method "any" for "department change?" line item
    3) Write formula 'department change?' or not 'department change?'[SELECT: 'E2 Employee#'.AAA]

    Then apply filter for this line item.
    You may also consider "Formula" or "Any" summary methods for showing E1 level elements.

  • Annata20
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    A boolean filter typically refers to a filter or condition that evaluates to either true or false. It is commonly used in programming and databases to filter or select connections nyt specific data based on certain criteria.

  • vernakuhlman
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    @geometry dash When a filter or condition may only take on two possible values—true or false—it is called a boolean filter. In database management and computer programming, it is a standard tool for selecting or filtering data according to predefined criteria.