How to review model build

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Hi Anaplaners!

In our organization we review models built by junior and middle analysts. Checking every formula and finding inaccuracies takes a lot of time and energy.

Could you share the way you deal with this?



  • Badam

    Hi @Konstantin97 ,

    I get your problem statement of reviewing the reviewing them, finding inaccuracies takes lot of time.

    I think for each build if we are able to test it with the following conditions it might help you to eliminate code review process:

    1. Identify the level from the top to bottom at which you can do this information check
    2. Figure out the scenarios, where it should pass and where it should pass
    3. At Top level, check whether data is as expected for disaggregation logics or not
    4. From there go below to lower level to understand the accuracies.

    I know the above one is just for the testing purpose, but if you want to put conditions on the build itself, we have been using the following method:

    1. What is the process flow chart
    2. What is the schema defined by architecture
    3. Check whether build has happened as per the schema or not
    4. Check whether it is achieving all functionalities desired by customer.

    Please let me know your thoughts on the same.