removing modules not required

Are there any circumstances (apart from classic dashboards which we don't use) where modules cannot be deleted

eg when exploring the 'referenced by' blueprint viewing setting which is empty?

My understanding if the 'referenced by' blueprint viewing setting is empty then the module could be deleted safely.

However there are caveats to this e.g. might be used as a source for imports in Anaplan, Exports, filters

I wish there is an easier way that Anaplan indicates redundant modules.



  • Yes these are called soft references and the only way to identify them is to be intimately familiar with the model! Also some line items could be used by users simply for display purpose; even DCA referenced line items do not show up in the Referenced By column

    It's always helpful to use the Notes column in blueprint to list down all soft references

  • There is no direct way where Anaplan indicates redundant modules. You need to check for following:
    1. The line items are not referenced in any other modules and also not used for DCA.
    2. The module is not used in any actions (import, export, delete action etc).
    3. The module is not used in any page. You can check this quickly by going to the pages section and checking all the modules used in the page.
    4. The module is not used for any Line Item Subset.
    5. The line items are not used in any filters.
    It's always recommended to use the notes column to add these specific use of that particular line items.