How can we create action to load Existing items line item to Applicable Products line item.

This is the screenshot of the module containing both boolean line items.

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  • sobaid
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    Hi @PrateekS , as per my understanding you want the values from Existing Line item snapshotted to Applicable Line item , this will wipe out your values in Applicable Line item and override with what value you have in Existing Line item. Proceed with this steps if this is what you want.

    1. Create a saved view with just Existing items line item using show/hide
    2. Then create an action with this view mapping Existing items to Applicable products
    3. Voila! run your action.


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    Thanks for your guidance. I have tried the values from the current Line Item being quickly moved to the applicable Line Item drive mad, this will clear your values in.

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  • Thank you for this. Implement data validation checks to ensure that only valid and relevant items are transferred. This might involve checking for duplicates, ensuring data integrity, and confirming that the items meet certain criteria.

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  • Trigger the action to load the existing items to the applicable products line item. This could involve clicking a button, choosing an option from a dropdown menu, or using a specific command.

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