Model size has been rejected after adding new line item: How do I solve?


I'm not able to add a new line item to our DEV model because of the following error:

  • The model size is actually 20gb. I don't think the size is an issue. Is there another reason for this error? and how do I fix it?

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  • Konstantin97
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    Hi @ashasli!

    This looks a little bit strange, after adding the line item you model should be ~24 GBs which fits the workspace limit. We usually face this problem when the workspace is 98-99% full.

    However, there is a workaround for such problems:

    1) Set time scale as "Not applicable" time scale for the module (only in headers)
    2) Add new line item (it won't be applicable for time), change applies to and format
    3) Set time scale for the module back to "Week"

    You can do this with another dimensions as well, but make sure you put current dimensions instead of "-" in applies to.


  • ashasli
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    @axel.frot I found a solution which is creating new module instead. It's weird that I wasn't able to create a new line item within the module due to space but i'm able to create new modules.


  • Hello !

    in the second screen, can you display the description just above, as in my screen here

    it is possible that in your workspace you cannot see all the models that saturate the workspace.

  • ashasli
  • I just converted the "rejected model size"!
    264 471 446 895 is much larger than 107 374 182 400 in workspace
    I have the impression that the line item you're trying to add must have a fairly high cell count.
    If you're using a DEV model, can you reduce the content of certain lists?

  • ashasli
    edited July 2023

    @axel.frot  Thanks! so even if I create a new line item with no formula, there would still be something under the cell count? The module I wanted to include this new line item has the following cell count.

  • Interesting, because 82 million isn't a lot.
    The only idea I have is the line item subset.
    Is there a line item subset based on this module?
    If so, does this line item subset have this option checked?

  • ashasli

    @axel.frot No, it doesn't look like there's any line item subsets ;(

  • can you screen the entire blue print? (format to cell count)

    is there a difference between the dimensions of the module (grey line) and the line items?

  • ashasli

    @Konstantin97 Perfect, thats a great workaround!