Data not pulling from DAT module into Cal Module

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Hi All!
Beginner Model Builder here.
I have created a TBH DAT module and trying to pull data into the CAL TBH Details Module - and some line items simply don't transfer over, while others do. I'm struggling to understand the reason why - can anyone help? Here for example I'm trying to pull Backfill vs. Net New line item from DAT04 into H/CAL03 - the line item field just stays empty. Thank you!

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  • jagadishdash
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    Hi @DianaZ

    As i can see you from your screenshot, For Backfill vs. Net New is not populating because this line item doesn't have any dimension and it's a subsidiary view.

    Below screen shot in that line item put one - there it applies To and once you do that subsidiary icon in that line item will go away. And this will solve your problem for this line item.

    For AE?: line item format is NO Data, Assign the correct line item format to this line item and make sure applies to for this line item also the same as all above line items.

    This will resolve your problem, let me know if any issues there you're facing.




  • Hey Diana:

    Would you mind providing a bit more info on what the dimensions are of these two modules?

    If the dimensions are the same between the two, you should be able to directly reference one another, if they are different, we would need to use a lookup.

    In your target line item in CAL03, it looks like that line item is a subsidiary view.

    I'm thinking this may be your problem. Take a screen grab of the Applies To,  Time ScaleTime Range, and Versions of these two modules and lets see what is different between them.



  • DianaZ

    Hi Dan! Thank you for your guidance on this. The dimensions are exactly the same - FL Open Reqs and line items. The items you mentioned above look the same to me too - please see screenshots. I've also grabbed a screenshot of the formulas are using - some of them are returning results while some are not. For example, Role and Req ID in CAL03 is pulling results, while Backfill vs. Net New and AE? is not