Summary method for time


I have a reporting module that shows me gross and net revenue totals by month, with line items for each member of a hierarchy as well as the period. I can select each period to see each month's data, but I'm wondering if there's a summary method I would need to be able to see all of the months when I have the whole fiscal year selected. Right now if I select the year, all of the line item cells are blank. I've messed around with different summary methods, but only seem to be able to get it to show the first period (July). Screenshots below. Thank you!

I'd like to be able to select FY24 and see all 12 periods, but this is currently what it looks like…



  • Hello,
    what do you mean by: "I'd like to be able to select FY24 and see all 12 periods, but this is currently what it looks like…"

    I see in blueprint that your Line Item in "num" has a summary "none" so it's impossible to display a value in FY.
    what do you want to display as a period in 1 single Time cell: FY?

    Would you like to see FY24 in cell?

  • @ahoshor Try updating summary to Formula as per screenshot below

  • @ahoshor : for time: use the formula summary as @TristanS indicated, for the other properties line-items, you can create subsidiary views by setting on "Time Scale" Not aplicable. For example the BU does not change by month, so the month for the BU does not need to contain the "Month" in its dimensionality. You can also choose the the" Apply To" for the line-item and put only the list "C5 Bill Area ID" instead of "-".

    You can do this reasoning for all the line-items where you use Parent function: you can setup the dimensionality of that line-item only choosing the list that is referred to and also set up the Time scale on Not Applicable.

    Hope it helps


  • ahoshor

    @axel.frot @TristanS @alexpavel Thanks everyone for the feedback! The information was helpful, and in the process of applying it, I think I was actually taking the wrong approach to get what I needed. Rather than creating a line item for time, I ended up re-pivoting the time dimension into the rows nested under the bill area list. The export from this layout gave me format I was looking for. Thanks again for taking the time to assist on my question!

  • You can try is to check if there is any configuration in the reporting module or in the system that allows all months to be displayed when the entire fiscal year is selected. Sometimes, misconfiguration or deficiencies in the system can lead to such data display problems. You can also try searching in the user manual time calculator or contacting the technical support team for more specific assistance on this issue.