Adding comments for individual cell in UX page

Hi All,

Can we able to add comment on individual cell in Anaplan.
For example: let's say I have added 62 and I want to enter some info about override forecast.

If I have not able to enter the comments on single cell then how can I achieve this.

One way is we can comment in the grid level even if I have added any comments is there a option that user can know that some comment is added like that?

Hope my question is clear :).



  • Hello Venkatesh

    I think yes, gird level added comments are notified to the associated users.

    And coming to single cell level comments - depends on context we need to adjust the row and column sizes, but if it is too long text, I think no option to show it (again happy to hear from anyone, if this has solution :)


  • @geometry dash lite In fact, comments cannot be entered directly into a cell. I am aware that there will now be guidelines for leaving comments. Discover more right now at Support.

  • I appreciate your insights on single-cell comments and the challenges associated with accommodating lengthy text. It's a valid point to consider when retro bowl designing such a feature.

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  • Provide options for editing and moderating comments. Users may want to update or clarify their comments over time. If your UX page is part of a larger project, consider providing options to export comments. This can be useful for documentation, project management, or communication outside of the UX design platform.

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