Adding comments for individual cell in UX page


Hi All,

Can we able to add comment on individual cell in Anaplan.
For example: let's say I have added 62 and I want to enter some info about override forecast.

If I have not able to enter the comments on single cell then how can I achieve this.

One way is we can comment in the grid level even if I have added any comments is there a option that user can know that some comment is added like that?

Hope my question is clear :).



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    Hello Venkatesh

    I think yes, gird level added comments are notified to the associated users.

    And coming to single cell level comments - depends on context we need to adjust the row and column sizes, but if it is too long text, I think no option to show it (again happy to hear from anyone, if this has solution :)


  • @geometry dash lite In fact, comments cannot be entered directly into a cell. I am aware that there will now be guidelines for leaving comments. Discover more right now at Support.

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  • Provide options for editing and moderating comments. Users may want to update or clarify their comments over time. If your UX page is part of a larger project, consider providing options to export comments. This can be useful for documentation, project management, or communication outside of the UX design platform.

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  • No, you can't. Anaplan doesn't offer the ability to directly add fnf comments to individual cells within a UX page.

  • mrdawis

    While Anaplan does not have a dedicated cell comment feature, using a text formatted line item allows you to add comments and provide additional context within your modules. Additionally, leveraging notifications or workflows can help ensure that users are aware of any changes or comments made to the data.

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  • tommchris

    Provide users with options to show or hide comments according to their preferences. This could be achieved through toggle switches, settings menus, Watermelon Game or contextual menu options.