Delete options when deleting items from a list


When deleting items from a list, you have 3 different delete options: Delete all, Delete descendents, or Delete leaf items. They have the following functions: Delete All - Deletes ALL items, including parents if it is a composite hierarchy. Delete All Leaf Items - selects all of the lowest level items for delete (i.e. if in a composite hierarchy). Delete Descendants - selects the children of the current item selected for delete.


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  • PrevContributor
    Hi Rob,

    You can create a module with the lowest level of the hierarchy as a dimension, and a boolean formatted line item (you can call it 'Delete' if you want to).

    Then, write TRUE as a formula for the line item. This will select (tick) all the items of the dimension of the module. 

    Next, go to Settings Tab > Actions > New Action > 'Delete from List using Selection' to create a delete action based on the selection you've made on the module created.

    Execute the created delete action to clean the level of the hierarchy you've selected.

    To clean another level, simply change the dimension of the created module and fix the delete action to delete items from the new dimension.



  • rtorok
    I have a client with a 4 level hierarchy for customers.  For ease of wording, lets call them Channel (eg. retail, wholesale), Channel Region (eg. Retail USA, Retail Europe, Wholesale USA, etc), Channel Country (e.g. Wholesale UK & France etc rolling to Wholesale Europe), and then Customers (aggregating to each Channel country).   They would like to delete all customers at the lowest level, but keep the existing list items under Channel Country.

    Choosing Delele All Leaf Items selectes everything in the customer list except the very top level, so deletes far too much.  Choosing Delete Descendents provides two essentially two options:  (i) if I don't choose anything from the left side of the screen, then it would delete everything;  or (ii) I can select one by one the 2nd lowest level elements to delete which puts say all the Wholesale UK customers AND Wholesale UK in the delete list - but since I want to keep the level Wholesale UK,  I select that to keep.

    Question is this - how can one select ALL of the lowest level items only in a composite or mult level hierarchy?