Actuals that change according to Versions



I am facing an issue regarding Versions, and I was wondering if there are new ways to resolve this. I have looked into this thread, but it is from 3 years ago, so I was hoping for an update on the matter… I figure I can’t be the only one.

Basically, we have prepared our Budget in the month of May, so the Actuals we had in Anaplan were only until April, and we had "fake" Actuals for May & June (Budget is from July to June).

Now we are planning a Reforecast in September, for which we will use the Actuals up until August, but the real Actuals this time. However, I still want to be able to compare the Reforecast with my original Budget. And that Budget needs to keep the same "fake" Actuals as a reference otherwise my Budget numbers will change (because some formulas refer to past Actuals). And similarly, the same formulas need to refer to “different” Actuals in my Reforecast Version…

Any help?




  • Hi @FlavieBR , For this to happen, you need to create one more store budget version and then import your budget version data to store budget using bulk copy.

    Then change Budget version switchover from Sep and keep your store budget version switchover from Jun

    This way you can do the comparison