Many to Many Relation - How to associate

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I'm working on a demand plan model for a school book retailer.

Since different schools may use different books, I must associate each store with the schools nearby in order to purchase the appropriate supply.

Given that one store sells books from multiple schools and that the same school may be sold in multiple stores, how should I efficiently map this relationship?

It is important to notice that this information is constantly being updated

Thank you so much.


  • what is the source of this data of the store to school relationship? is it coming from a database or the user does the input in Anaplan or somewhere else?

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  • The user inputs an excell in ANAPLAN with this information.

    The information comes from the sales history from the previous year, and feedback from the stores, which is then filtered in order to consider only the more relevant schools.

    If you have other suggestions on how the user should upload information please tell me