Stack columns chart with version comparison

Hi all,

Let's suppose I want to compare 2 versions of some metrics, on a chart. How can I obtain a chart as follows?

It is important for me to stack the "values", since it shows me the total of all values.

In Anaplan, when we nest axis, the labels for x axis only shows a replication of first dimension applied in columns, so here it would be Item A, Item A, Item B, Item B, Item C, Item C. But it is important for the understanding to see the different versions.

Thanks for your help


  • @Emmeline A workaround would be to use a separate card for each of the items as per below

  • Hi @TristanS,

    Unfortunately I have way more than items A,B,C (about 10 items to show), so it won't fit in a single UX row (max 6 grids) 😔