Allocations Impact Calc in Anaplan


Hi Experts,

I have a scenario where we split our departmental expenses in a ratio ( a:b:c:d) and that ratio changes by sometimes quarter over quarter or year over year. What I would like to do is to be able to plug in the Quarters/Half year/Year I want to compare as inputs or selections, my department in question as an input or selection and have the system compare what was the impact of the ratio change between the periods.

Any pointers on how do I go about thinking / implementing this?




  • Konstantin97
    edited July 2023

    Hi @Megha27.

    In terms of input I would create such type of module.

    Yearly coefficient applies to Year, Qly coefficient applies to Quarters and so on. This would allow users to input data at any level. For better UX you can apply custom DCA for every line item.

    Then you can user yearvalue(),halfyearvalue() and quartervalue() functions to get coefficient at the lowest level and use it as a source for splitting.

    Also you may consider using a "breakback" functionality.


  • Megha27

    Hi @Konstantin97

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry i wast very clear in my initial question. What I want to do is to be able to input or chose two time periods and compare my data in those periods. I already have the data. Only need to know how to chose the timeperiod and have the data associated with it pull up. I can then perform calculations based on it.

    So - for example have 2 line items - Choose Base Q and Choose Compare Q and I choose Q1'23 from the time period list for Choose Base Q selection and I choose Q2'23 for Choose Compare Q selection. And then based on those 2 inputs - my data pulls up and I perform for variance analysis on that data.

    Does that help clarify? the question just boils down to being able to pick two different time periods and be able to pull data by each.



  • Hi @Megha27,

    Yes, it helps, thanks.

    So what you need is to create selectors and pull data to comparison module, right?

    It's not possible to create a single cell where you can select different levels of time. But you can create a few selectors, for example: Base month, Base Q, Base H, Base Y and Compare month, Compare Q, Compare H and compare Y. And also create DCA for users to limit their ability to select more than one option for Base and Compare.

    And for comparison module you can use simple formula variance = X[lookup: Base month] + X[lookup: Base Q] + X[lookup: Base month] + X[lookup: Base H] + X[lookup: Base Y] -( X[lookup: Compare month]+X[lookup: Compare Q]+X[lookup: Compare H]+X[lookup: Compare Y]). E.g. if Base Q and Compare Y is selected then formula will effectively work the same as X[lookup: Base Q] - X[lookup: Compare Y]

    Hope it will help!

    Kind regards,

  • @Konstantin97 thank you so so much. this was incredibly helpful. Apologies for the delayed reply here as I really wanted to be sure that I am able to do it before I respond and I am done now :)

    Thanks Again!