Shouldn't this formula evaluate to True for the period below?


I'm wondering why the formula for "Actual" in the period "Jun 23" isn't evaluating to True for that top line next to the red #1 in my attached screenshot. The formula for that line item is [ITEM(Time) <= 'SYS01 Version Settings'.Full Month Actuals Through]. I would think that the less than or equal operator would evaluate to true since the SYS01 module shows "Jun 23" for the same version ("Full Month Actuals Through" line item in red for the 6+6 Forecast). What am I missing here? Thanks


  • anirudh
    edited July 2023

    If you look at the Value for the Actual version it is set to May 23

    The boolean is correctly evaluating based on the version dimension in SYS01. It's possible I am misunderstanding the dimensions here. Can you share a screenshot of the pivot on both modules

  • Amaya


    I doubt whether the switchover is correct.
    When the switchover period of the version is set to "Jul 23" (as another line item shows), we see the Actual data on "Jun 23".