Hierarchy Filter on a Charts

Hello all,

I have a plant hierarchy with Region > Location > Plants.

On a Ux Board I have published the sales achieved at Region, Location and Plant level. However, I would like the user to be able to select a Region on the chart and be able to see associated locations and plants only. Similarly if the user selects a location on the chart, only the associated child plants should show. Is this possible?

Activating hierarchy filter in the Plant wise grid results in the below outcome which is not what I want.


  • Hi @saket22!

    Looks like you have only one plant in the North region, why is it not what you want?
    Could you explain what you want to see when you select only north region?

    For such problem possible solutions might be:

    1. Activate hierarchy filter
    2. Create a two selectors(applied to users) on top of the page, where users can select relevant region and location. And then set a filters on the grids based on user selection

    Maybe the second option will fit your needs


  • Hi @Konstantin97

    The problem is that when I select South in the region grid, it does not sync with the Location grid nor does it sync with the Plant grid. However if I change the region grid to a pie chart, the hierarchy filter is working fine.

    Screenshot for hierarchy filter working with pie chart. I have selected South in the pie chart below:

    The location and plant grids above are showing only relevant list members which are children of South region.

    Screenshot for the same functionality not working with bar chart. Below screenshot is also after selection of south region:

    Here neither the location grid nor the plant grid got filtered with the children of south region list member.

    Appears to be a bug?

  • Konstantin97
    edited July 2023


    Yes, I tested this by my own.

    Looks like when you press the Region chart it selects series 1 instead of a region.

    You can try to repivot region (and also location) graph. Try to move hierarchy dimension from rows to columns.
    It will change the view a bit, but still it looks fine.

    In this case synchronization works

    Kind regards,