Importing same data into two versions - best approach



I need to import the same data into two versions (there are more than 2 versions, but only 2 are applicable for this requirement).

I could have two independent import functions to import the data twice, once into the first version and another time into the second version but this is a slower process for the user.

Alternatively, could I use Version Formula to refer one version to the other version (that contains the imported values) or are there issues doing this within the same module? Or is there another recommended method.

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Best Answer

  • AkhilEmmanual

    Hi @kristenr

    one thing you can do to avoid 2 import is that you can import data into a module where there is no version as dimension (all other dimensions will be same). From this module if u refer the data to module which have version as dimension you will get same data in all version but u can write a if else formula such that if that is a particular list member then take the data(directly refer from the module which doesn't have version as dimension) else o.

    I hope this may help you.

    Thank You