Best Practices for Using Subsidiary Views - L2MB Conclusion Exam


I am struggling with best practices related to subsidiary views. According to the lesson and the case study within, subsidiary views can be used to:

  • show an attribute for end user analysis, filtering, or sorting
  • show an alternative hierarchy for a dimension
  • display numeric values, such as ratios, that are needed for calculation
  • filter reports or provide attribute for exports (e.g. for transactional data)

I answered the exam question according to the above lesson:

  • Use for report filtering or providing attributes for exports
  • Use to add an attribute to facilitate end user sorting
  • Use an output module for analysis for filtering

However I'm still getting incorrect response. Am i missing anything? Pls help.

PS: the other 2 options are:

  • Use to improve calculation performance by removing a list
  • Use for synchronization of some user elements.