How to set closing balance summary in a year-to-date sort of way


Hi all,

I am having an issue trying to set properly the closing balance summary. I am working with a module with three dimensions: cu, time, workflow status. Specifically, time is set to half year and workflow status has two list items, "closed" and "not closed", meaning respectively "compiled and approved" and "compiled and yet to approve"

This said, the line item "closing value" which has "closing balance" as time summary, should display the last compiled value depending on the workflow status, for example:

closed H1FY22 value: 5 , closed H2FY22 value: 4

—> closing value = 4.

The problem occurs when only the first semester has been set to closed (compiled and approved). The closing value should display the value of the first semester, instead of zero, that is what Anaplan actually takes for the closed second semester . For example:

closed H1FY22 value:5 , closed H2FY22 value:0

—> wrong closing value = 0

—> correct closing value = 5

In short, what I would need is the possibility to use the closing balance as year to date. Is that possible?

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  • Hi @LucaRicci

    What you can do here is create a new line item, and use formula, IF 0 then previous(same line item) else closing value.

    Then you can use closing balance summary for this line item