Time related Question


Hi experts

I have a Custom week dimension and I want to see week number in a particular Month what should I do.


  • Hi @saurabh_kumar_kunwar,

    For such cases you can use cumulate function ( https://help.anaplan.com/cumulate-1173a903-81bb-4838-a4d0-1c9f9c739aa3 ).

    In you case what you can do is:

    Write a formula Cumulate(1, 'First period?', *name of the week list*)
    Where 'First period?' is a boolean-formatted line which represents the first week of every month.

    To create a correct formula for the 'First period?' line item you can do the following:

    1. Create supporting line item 'First week to months level', with formula Item(*name of the week list*) and apply summary "first non-blank
    2. Create a line item 'Month' applied to weeks with month list formatting and write formula Parent(item(*name of the week list*)) /* you probably have the same somewhere in the model, so you can use existing one*/
    3. Finally in the 'First period?' line item write a formula item(*name of the week list*) = 'First week to months level'[lookup: 'Month']

    Kind regards,