How to Update Anaplan Module line item values with Users List



I have created two module and first module with four dimensions(State,City,Product,User) and one among them is standard User List and with one line item quantity.

Created second module with only three dimensions(State, City and Product) and added User, quantity, quantity override as line items in it. In second module users can override the quantity entered in first module.

Created import action from second module to override quantity into first module and this action is working for me because i have workspace administrator access. same action action is not working for end users. See below example. Blue color says dimensions, red color says line items and green color is for line item values.

Is there any way or idea to work this import action for end users?. I appreciate your ideas here.




  • vanreign
    edited July 2023

    Hi Suman,

    It is very easy to run into issues when using the Users list and forgetting its purpose. If you view that list on the Users tab, you will see that it has Model Role of Full Access and No Access. And it has no option for a top level because it is a special list that represents the individual users in the workspace.

    It is difficult guessing the intention but I will make some to try to help.

    This is not the solution so not intended for a change in the real module but rather you're example module above:

    In Module2, actually have that one be the real Users list, then pivot Users to the top context. Then turn Users List Show All Users: Off.

    Then in Module1, have A, B, and C as line items there. The copy process will need to be tweaked but that should work.

    However, I think you may be meaning to do something different. User wouldn't be a line item because it can change. It is frequent in models to rather see Employee list, which will be different from the Users list.

    Also, it is frequent in models to just see one module with Quantity, Override, and Final Quantity rather than a copy-over being done as processes lock other users. That might be necessary here but I can't tell so am just providing feedback to hopefully help you get past the issue you're having.

    If you want to copy the Users list to a fake list called User, that is okay. But I am not sure that is what your intent is.

    I hope this helps. If not, please let me know.