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I have an Employee details module which includes ( Code, Name, Start date, Leave date, Salary, etc.).

There is one more module where the monthly employee salary is shown and we get the salary detail until the employee is employed. I have made a process where the employee has changed departments on a certain date. For example, employee "ABC" transferred from the Sales to the Production department on August 1, 2020. Therefore, until August 2020, the salary will be reflected in Sales, and after the transfer, it will start showing in Production for the "ABC". For this to achieve, I have added the same employee with a different employee ID in the other department and in the new department I want the Start Date to be the Leave Date from the previous department, but I couldn't copy the date using formulas. How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • @SoumyadipKuila : In my opinion, the employee ID should remain the same as long as the employee is in continuous service with the organization. One of the ways to manage change in dept could be to have departments as a child of employee, and have the employee details (like start date, leave date etc.) as properties.

    However, if this is just an exercise for learning, you might want to create a mapping as shown below, and use this in the lookup to bring the Eff Start Date (to be the Leave date corresponding to previous ID)



  • Hi @SoumyadipKuila ,

    The mapping will need to be a data entry upon the event talking place (i.e., change of dept), hence you cannot have a formula there. Also, the new and old emp-ID will not be always consecutive (i.e., new employee ID could be anything depending on the total number of employees, whereas the earlier ID was Emp-1)




  • SoumyadipKuila
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    This works, thank you!

    And can you help me with one more thing?

    In the Emp-ID mapping module, I would want to use a formula for the Previous ID so that it automatically selects the previous ID.