How to handle time when setting a filter?


Hi all,

I'm sure you guys already have dealt with this issue. How do you handle time when you need to set a filter (for instance "greater than zero) on a line item and Anaplan forces you to pick a specific month?

Thanks in advance


  • Yes, this is a common issue to encounter while learning to build filters. And it is great that you caught it; otherwise the filter would be based on that single month > 0.

    Two suggestions:

    (1) Try to avoid using the UX to filter your View (If possible/can do with ALM push). And Rather, apply the filter within the Module that is being used, naming it such as "Revenue Constrained Grid View" By doing this, a builder working maintenance can just go to the saved view and be already on the backend if any other changes are needed, which is the case here. Also, best practice is one line item Boolean per a filter.

    (2) The Revenue Constrained View above is dimensioned with Company in row and Months in column. You are using the same UX Grid View for the Filter. The UX Grid View is by Customer and Time. So, the Filter is looking for a TIME parameter because it is across the column. However, it sounds like you want to filter across time per Company where the row > 0. Care with that expression is that it assumes there will be no negative values (which greater than or less then 0 would catch).

    Assuming the example above is the full scope of the module, it appears like the Time list can be excluded from the line item for the filter. In other words, if you use a separate filter module, a Boolean filter just dimensioned by Company where Revenue Constrained value is not equal to 0. Then filtering by that should work.

    I hope that helps,