How to change order of line items in a saved view of module

I am trying to change order of line items in a saved view but everytime I click on reorder It opens all line items if module and not default view ones

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  • Badam
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    Hi @salilnirula ,

    Please right-click on the line items in the saved view and select the reselect items to show in the saved view.

    Once you select then select the line items and do the reorder as up and down

    Click on Apply and save the saved view.

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    Badam Anjani Prasad
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  • Hi Salil,

    Are you able to elaborate on this issue. What do you mean by "it opens all line items of module and not default view ones". It would be great if you could also include snapshots of the issue to provide better context.

  • Hi,Thanks for your response. what i meant was the module has 100 line items and saved view has 10. the order of 10 line items is different from their order in whole module with 100 line items. i want to reorder 10 line items but when i click on reorder, it shows 100 line items again and not just the 10 i want to see.

  • Badam's answer should get you there. I just want to add that if you are unable to see the Reselect Items to Show after the right-click then first right-click, do Show All Columns and then do Reselect Items to Show

  • Yes , it worked . @Badam thank you for detailed response. highly apprecaite :)

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