Can't show previous period month

Hi, I'm trying to create formula to display the last date of the month with logic like this:

If 'Manufacturer end date' is the 1st, the last date of previous month will display, otherwise the last day of the current month will display.

e.g. If 2023-07-01 is the 'manufacturer end date', then 'Shipping end date' will display 2023-06-30

e.g. If 2023-07-07 is the 'manufacturer end date', then 'Shipping end date' will display 2023-07-31

I have created formula like this and it works.

But, when I add date after 12/31/2025 (start from 1/1/2026 and beyond) or date before 1/1/2021 (before 12/31/2020). It won't show data in 'Manufacturer End Date_Period' or 'Shipping End Date'. In this module, Time Scale and Time Range is Not Applicable. So, I assume this is because Model Calendar setting (I don't know if my assumption corrects or not😀).

So, I want to know further explanation about this. I will be grateful if any of you will share this knowledge to me. Thank you very much.




  • Hi @rachmitadhila ,

    Please create another dummy time range from FY15 to FY30, so that model understands that it needs to consider any data within this time.

    This will not take up any space and no performance will be impacted.

    If the above answer helps you out, please accept it as a solution, which motivates us to contribute more.

    Thanks & Regards
    Badam Anjani Prasad
    Matasma Digital Technologies

  • anirudh
    edited July 2023

    Hello Rachmita, you are on the right track! The dates are indeed not showing up because of model calendar settings

    The best way to address is this to create a dummy time range with your entire date range (let's say 10 years) and then your formula should work fine. Be sure to not use the Time Range elsewhere in the model to save on space