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For example, Amit Kumar joined on 01/01/2020 in the sales department and transferred on 05/01/2021 to the finance department. I made a UX page where user can choose the leave date and the new department the employee has joined and run the action which will add a new List Item [ Amit Kumar ( Transfer) ] with a new Code (001T) in the Employee Hierarchy list.

Thus the Employee Details module will get updated with the Transfer Employee.

Now, the Leave Date of Amit Kumar in Sales will be the Join date for Amit Kumar ( Transfer) in Finance and the salary will be the same. But the challenge I'm facing is to copy these two cells' data, and I want to achieve this using formula. Help me with some hints.

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  • anirudh
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    Hi Soumya

    When you run the transfer action, add another property against the transfered employee with the original Code. So against Amit Kumar (Transfer) also import the code of Amit Kumar - 001

    Then create a line item with Employees list (same list) as dimension, format it with Employees and then do a FINDITEM against this code to get the original Amit Kumar. From there you can do Salary[LOOKUP: Original Code]

    Let me know if this works


  • Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for the hint. When I am using the lookup function it shows a data-type mismatch error.

  • anirudh
    edited July 2023

    Can you share a screenshot of the source line item and the destination line item where it says Data-Type mismatch

  • Hey Anirudh,

    I wasn't using the FINDITEM function initially. It is working now, the original salary is now mapped with the transferred employee.

    Thank you for the help!