Dependent list: The value entered is not valid


We built 2 dropdown selection fields in NUX. In this case, we have Division Selection (parent) and Business Unit Selection (child) in the page which gives users 2 levels of flexibility.

  1. Users are allowed to select one of the divisions from Division Selection and obtain the business units under the selected division when they click on Business Unit Selection.
  2. Users are able to select one of the business units from Business Unit Selection without selecting any divisions. Is there any ideas to remove the alert message "the value entered is not valid." in NUX?

In order to fulfill this 2 requests, we have set the format of line item under List and filter by Dependent and Allow access to unfiltered items.

@tingtingxia @huongnguyen


  • Hi @DaveTan

    Dependent dropdown works clean only when drivers are selected first.

    If Business unit is selected first, Anaplan will throw this alert, to remove this you'd then need to select the parent of that selected BU in division selection.