List not aggregating by top level



I am building a model which stores historic data of investments/"assets" and reports on them both individually and in aggregate (i.e. the portfolio).

I have two Lists. One is called "Assets" and a second called "Portfolios". "Assets" has the total list of the investments in the portfolio. The Parent Hierarchy of the "Assets" List is linked to the "Portfolios" list - which contains at the moment only one portfolio (called 'Portfolio'). The Parent of each individual component of the "Assets" list is set to 'Portfolio'.

I then have a Module where I input historic data for each Asset. This works fine. But when I select "Portfolio" (the parent), and would expect the module to aggregate all of the data related to the List items sitting below this parent, the module returns blank data.

Has anyone encountered this issue when building a model? I think it might be something basic but I feel like I have tried everything!

Many thanks!

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  • anirudh
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    I think the line item summary is set to None :)

    This was a recent change during a platform update where number line items no longer sum up automatically

    Can you change the summary to Sum like above, I believe it is currently set to None

    Let me know if that does not help


  • Declan

    Thank you Anirudh - that was indeed the answer! Really wish I asked this 24 painful hours ago……..