Prevent import in selected months


I would like to give access to a user so that he can upload himself a CSV file in a module (with a time dimension).
I do not want that this user changes by mistake past months.
I've done a DCA on the line item of the module saying "write in July 2023".
The module is in "write" in July 23 and "read" the other months.
Nonetheless, when I import with an action button the CSV file in Aug 23 for example, Anaplan is writing in the module in August 23… (no error message)
⇒ Any idea to help me ?
Thank you

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  • anirudh
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    @manuebilly , if an answer solved the question, do consider marking it as the solution! The option will appear against any of the replies

  • alexpavel
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    @manuebilly : indeed the users do not receive any error message when trying to import data into read-only cells… If they go into details after the action run, they can see that "Ignored Cells" is not zero. this is the only hint that they tried to upload into the "wrong" month.


  • HimanshuRaj
    edited July 2023

    Hi @manuebilly

    If someone is workspace admin, then Anaplan doesn't restrict the upload for them regardless of DCA

    Only users who have access to that module and action and not a workspace admin can only import the data in write only access cells


  • manuebilly
    edited July 2023

    You are right, it is working ! The data is not imported in Aug 23 when is it a non model builder.
    Nonetheless, the user doesn't receive any error message…🙄

  • Hi @manuebilly

    Answer provided by @Himanshu1998 is already sufficient, I would like to give you other approach.

    You can you filter in export to export for only those months where you want to edit data. Since only those records will be in file user can fill across those records and thus this issue will be solved.