Import Mapping Issue

Hi All,

I'm having an issue with importing a csv file from excel. Below is the column headers that I want to match, the Unique ID and all the other column is what I want as "Header Row".

When I make the "Header Row" to be the Unique ID row it then shows me this

Does anyone knows how to rectify this and make it show all the column show? Your response will be really helpful. Thanks

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  • rob_marshall
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    Under the Column Separators, check the Tab box.

  • rob_marshall
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    A couple of things, you can only upload CSV and TXT files, not xls nor xlsx files. The delimiter in the file as well as how you defining the delimiter is your issue. It looks like the delimiter might be both TAB and Comma.



  • Thanks @rob_marshall for the response. This is what I got by checking the Tab box. It did not fix it. I have changed the file in many different ways, even I copied and pasted the values only to another excel and saved it as a csv but still to no avail.

  • Hi @innocent ,

    Please open your file in notepad and show the format of data that you want to upload.

    If you open file in excel or any other format it will be challenging to understand, as excel has inbuild intelligence.

    Please share screenshot of file in notepad, post we will be able to help you on the next steps.

    Thanks & Regards



  • Thanks @rob_marshall for pointing that out. It was cause by the delimiter in my excel there were different types of delimiter used due to commentary in the file, I had to open save it as Text and to see the hidden commentary and then do a clean up.

    Thanks @Badam also for the effort.