How many hours of work would you estimate it takes to obtain "Certified Anaplan Model Builder"?


Specifically referring to the timeline from the beginning of level 1 trainings, through "Intro to Polaris".

If you could also provide an hour estimate to becoming a certified solution architect. I understand there should be 9-12 months of real-world project experience. For this I'm just concerned about the hourly commitment for the actual training.

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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    @joeolurk - Welcome to the your learning journey!

    Take these estimates with a grain of salt as the time commitment can vary greatly depending on the individual but here is what we provide our team:

    L1 Training 25-40 hours

    L2 Training 25-40 hours

    Anaplan Way 4-8 hours

    Intro to Polaris - 1 hr *Eligible for Certified Model Builder at this point

    L3 Training - 40-60 hours

    Complete Design Review for Solution Architect Certification - 1 hr

    The time commit tends to lean towards the lower end of the range if you are able to complete the program within a continuous block. But if you have to start, stop, and continue over a longer period of time there can be some productivity losses.


  • @Tiffany.Rice Thanks! I recently got the model builder certification, so I was just curious what the timeline looks like on average. As you mentioned, my experience was that the time commitment was on the lower end of the ranges you provided (since I completed the trainings one after the other). Definitely going to look into L3 once I have some more experience under my belt. Thanks again

  • That is awesome @joeolurk, congrats!!!

    L3 is a great course but it is structured to test proficiency so be prepared that it might be intentionally vague in the instructions. It's a fun way and challenging to test your knowledge via a simulated implementation.

  • @joeolurk - Anaplan Way 4 to 8 hours is just for overview , No one can seriously complete course in 8 hours .

    It is not about just reading , but requires to build the understanding