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Welcome to the July edition of CoE Connect, your monthly destination for news and insights from the Center of Excellence Program! We aim for this newsletter to enlighten and motivate, and we're always eager to hear your feedback or suggestions for what's to come. We're grateful to have you as an essential member of our CoE community—let's keep fostering our bond and advancing together!

CoE Spotlight: Introducing Guillaume Chaffaut - Connected Planning Solution Architect at Cartier and a leader of Center of Excellence. Read more about Guillaume’s fascinating journey in the CoE spotlight section of this newsletter.

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In a recent interview I got a chance to explore Guillaume Chaffaut’s journey as an Anaplan Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead. As a CoE leader, Guillaume ensures optimal use of Anaplan's ecosystem, facilitating the connected planning vision through deep internal knowledge and strategic partnerships. Join us as we uncover Guillaume's experiences and draw invaluable insights from his achievements.

Mariam: Hello, Guillaume! Could you please introduce yourself, your current role, and where you're based?

Guillaume: Hello Mariam! Currently, I'm working as a Solution Architect for Cartier based in Fribourg, Switzerland. I serve as the primary technical point of contact for all matters related to Anaplan within the organization.

Mariam: That's quite a critical role, Guillaume. As you've journeyed with Anaplan, what have been some of the most valuable skills you've learned?

Guillaume: Well, one skill that stands out to me is listening. It's paramount to understand business requirements properly before proposing any technical solution. Moreover, to craft a beneficial user experience, it's vital to master the business team's logic, ensuring their daily work flows smoothly.

Mariam: Listening is indeed an invaluable skill. Now, moving to organizational structure, could you explain some benefits of having a CoE within an organization?

Guillaume: Certainly. Over the past few years, our number of use cases have grown significantly, necessitating additional projects. As a response, we built a team that would technically own the majority of the models and provide advice to other model builders. This CoE has an in-depth understanding of Anaplan's ecosystem within Cartier, enabling us to implement a connected planning vision across all projects. We do leverage external implementation partners to scale.

Mariam: So, do you believe a CoE leader needs to be an Anaplan technical expert?

Guillaume: A CoE leader doesn't necessarily need to be an Anaplan expert but a solid overall technical understanding and functional knowledge are a must. Part of the leader's role involves socializing "Anaplan" with teams unfamiliar with it, so it's crucial to quickly understand their business requirements and potential technical limitations.

Mariam: That makes sense. And how do you prioritize between new projects, enhancements, and bug fixes?

Guillaume: When setting priorities, we look at two main indicators: criticality and return on investment. Fixing critical bugs, particularly in business-critical models, is paramount. New projects and enhancements, although important, aren't usually as critical. We prioritize these by looking at their potential beneficial impact on the company.

Mariam: A clear and structured approach, indeed. Thank you Guillaume, for joining us today and sharing your CoE journey with us.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the newsletter and look forward to engaging and helping you achieve your Connected Planning vision. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at