Variance report with absolute and percentages in a single grid

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a basic variance report with LIS as a dimension of parameters and the line items to find the variance. But, the challenge here is that the LIS consists of both absolute numbers and percentages, and the client wants to see the variance in both absolute numbers and percentages respectively. Is there a way to get this in a single grid itself ? client is not ready to split it into separate grids.


  • @sgk6

    You can create a SYS LISS module using your current LISS, create a line item called Multiplier and for the % members, enter a 100, for all others, would be a 1. Then, when you return the data, you multiply by the multiplier in the SYS LISS module. That will get you the correct numbers, but you won't have the % as a suffix.

  • Nice workaround for the above problem.

  • Thank you @rob_marshall, I have that worked out, but the challenge is to show the % symbol for these items. Also, even for the YTD summaries, it is just going to be Sum up for these % LIS items too instead of getting an average

  • @sgk6

    Yep, as I said earlier, I am not sure how you can mix them with the % as a suffix when you are using a LISS the way you are.

    What if you keep the above as a "CALC" module, for the "Reporting" module, create new line items which will allow you to format the way you need them to be. In fact, you can create another LISS in the Reporting module and link them to the CALC LISS using a mapping module.

  • andrewtye
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    Could try the Report page where you can format based on line item, particularly useful if there's no inputting required.

  • @andrewtye , will this be a part of future roadmap for boards and worksheets?

  • sgk6
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    Thanks @rob_marshall and @andrewtye! I've currently solved it by using Report pages, but still face a huge limitation to get this working as expected in Boards or worksheet.

    It would be great if we've this option available in Boards and worksheets too.