Level 2 Sprint -2:2.3.10 Activity: Create Demand Forecast Baseline Forecast FY21 data as zero.


Data03 having data of FY20. But DEM03 Demand Forecast Module FY21 not having data . Can anyone suggest what need to be done?

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  • m.angeles11
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    Hi @Gopisetti, I think if you use the drill down function (F8) in the "Baseline Forecast" of your DEM03 module you will see where the problem is.

    I believe I know where the issue is but it would be better if you discovered this yourself as you would most likely feel better finding it yourself (with a bit of help from me pointing you in the right direction) than having someone tell you exactly where the problem is.

    Review your formula again and check that for the period that you want/expect data to be populated, there is data in the source module and line item that your formula is pointing to. And if not, try to figure out why the source is NIL.

    I'm not 100% sure that my thinking is correct because I can't actually see the relevant period for the source data used in your formula but I'm pretty sure that the answer to your query relates to that.

    Let me know how you go and I hope you will be able to quickly realise where the problem is once you drill through the target line item you are having problems with and reviewing and following the formula through as you do the drill through.

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