Issues with Action Not Working in Production


Hi All,

I implemented this method (Article below) of dynamic renaming of line items for a customer that require time-based data combined with non-time-based attributes to the same data.

It works very well in DEV Model.

The issue is when I sync it and run the action in Production to change the line items name.

It shows me this below. Is there a workaround to make this work in the PROD?.

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  • UpaliKW
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    Hi @innocent, These operations are structural changes. Therefore, you will need to perform in DEV and ALM across to PROD. Such financial year rollover operations don't occur too frequently and need to be done by users (i.e. WSA) who really know what they are doing. As such we don't need to expect an end-user needing to run such tasks and allow as a yearly maintenance activity to be carried out by WSAs.


  • Hi @innocent,

    Make sure the list is is a Production list. It should work for you then. But also check that the Roles using it have access to the Process and List.

    I hope this helps.



  • Monpero

    Hi @vanreign - I have the list set already as a production list but still with the same issue but in the dev it works fine.

    I'm wondering the "select year" drop down line which is a Fake Time list is referenced in the staging that is used to import to the output module and change the line items is not a production.

    Does it also need to be set as production list, could that be the reason its failing?

  • vanreign
    edited July 2023

    @innocent, You're on the right track. Test it and once you're working as a Full Access WS Admin, just make sure the right Roles have similar access. The error log will say what the process cannot access. The test would be changing your access to a Role that runs the process and using the error log feedback to revisit your Role process and list permissions. In this example though, since you are a Full Access WS Admin (I would assume), the error would be related to not having a list set to production.

  • Monpero

    Thanks @vanreign, for the for the help, I have  Full Access WS Admin and I have check all the list used they are all PROD but this issue persist, or is it that this method only works in the DEV and not in PROD?. I don't know where the issue could possibly be at this point.

  • Monpero

    Thanks @UpaliKW for the response, you're a life saver! and thanks for posting this method it is really helpful. Please if you have some other articles/topics do share a link as am particular to read other great works that you've done. 😊