How to Calculate P value ?


Hi Team,

Could you please help me to know how to calculate the P value ?


  • Can you give more details on the requirement on P value?

  • Sure, @Dikshant

    P value in Linear regression is used to find the significant variables. Similarly, I want to do the Aluminium price prediction based on below factors. Since All of the input factors are not significant and insignificant factors are rejected based on P value.

    I did the Linear regression on Excel and found below result where I found the P value of 2 factos insignificant.

    Similar model I want to develop in Anaplan as well, could you guys help me on this ?

  • Hi, Here is an article on how to calculate P-values . You would need to build something following logic like this in Anaplan.

  • Hi @pyrypeura Thank you for your response.

    I Understood the concept but here it is asking to refer t-stat table, how i can use it in Anaplan ?

  • Hi @ankurgupta ,

    I guess you'd need to create a module to hold t-stat table values and then compare your t-values with the value in t-stat table. From this, you can fetch alpha


  • ankurgupta
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    The given concept is just to find the p value, but in case of Multi Linear regression I want to calculate the p value for each, and every input factor as given in the below screen shots.

    could you help me to know the step-by-step process to calculate the p value corresponding to each input factors.