How to Calculate Multi Linear Regression in Anaplan?


Hi team,

Could you please help me to know how to do Multi-Linear regression?


  • Dikshant
    edited August 2023


    Can you explain more on MLR. What is your exact use case?

  • Sure, I want to develop a Linear regression model to predict the Aluminum price based on input factors such as Fed Rate,Brent Crude Futures ($/Barrel),Coking Coal (CNY),Natural Gas,USD/CNY,EUR/USD,US inflation Rate (%),Primary Aluminium Production (Thousand MT),Baltic Dry Index.

    I have historical data for all the factors with me. Could you guys help me to find the way to develop the linear regression equation in Anaplan ?


  • MLR in Anaplan can be quite demanding on understanding statistical calculations for one to be able to build. Here is an article on how to do MLR manually . You would need to build something replicating this logic in Anaplan.

  • @pyrypeura

    In the given Link It has explained the concept with two input variable. in case of more than 2 variable what would be the approach.