Why can not close a dashboard in Anaplan?

One end user can not close the dashboard in Anaplan and get above warning. But on other dashboard did not meet such issue. What happened on it? Please advise.


  • @CommunityMember131816 It comes up when someone is trying to update some data but it hasn't completely updated (identified by green colour in cells) and they are trying to close the module/dashboard.

    Better to wait for the data to be completely updated before closing the window


  • I am facing the same problem, even after waiting for almost 10-15 minutes.

    The cell background changes from green to white almost instantly, which is normal behavior for this model.

  • As Himanshu1998 mentioned the only way is to wait.

  • Generally, it shouldn't take more than 10 secs to update the data. If the problem still persists, your best bet would be to contact Anaplan Support

  • Users are experiencing this after pivoting in the dashboard without changing the data in any cell. Sometimes waiting seems to help, sometimes takes a longer than there is time to wait before logging out. Might this be the same issue as referred to in this discussion? Did you find any workaround?

  • Looks no better solution except waiting. Normally I open a new window and leave it along.