Build a model in Anaplan with a specific hierarchy

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Hi,I am currently working on building a model in Anaplan with a specific hierarchy. The hierarchy includes the following levels:

  1. Department (Level 1): Departments A, B, ..., F.
  2. Production Line (Level 2): Production lines 1, 2, ..., 8.
  3. Type of Line (Level 3): Types "S" and "W".
  4. Product (Level 4): Products list .

The desired hierarchy structure is as follows:

  • Department A:
    • Production Line 1
      • Type "S"
        • Product 1
        • Product 2
      • Type "W"
        • Article 55
        • Article 97
    • Production Line 2
      • Type "S"
        • Product 4
        • Product 9
      • Type "W"
        • Article 7
        • Article 9
        • Article 97

However, during the data import process to create the lists, I encountered an issue where the import only applies to one production line, and the others fail with the error message: "Another row has already been processed with this key." The problem seems to arise due to each Production Line having two types (S and W).

Unfortunately, I am unable to create a new column in my data source to combine the Production Line and Type of Line, as I need the Line Type summary in my model.

I am seeking assistance in finding a possible solution to create this hierarchy while still maintaining the summary by Line Type. Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  • @SAtrane

    Why are the products listed 1-5000? And if they can span multiple Types (S and W), why not just have a flat list of the true products? Then, the module would be dimensioned by the hierarchy as well as the "flat" product list. If that doesn't work, make the Product piece of the hierarchy a numbered list with the code being a concatenation of the code of the parent and code of the product (S_100, W_100).

  • Hi @SAtrane

    You need to follow below steps to solve the issue:

    1. Create a staging module of these line items, Dep, Production line, Type, Product
    2. Create 1 more line item Type Code where you need to concat the Production line & Type to make unique code
    3. Create saved views with isfirstoccurrence filters
    4. Make Type list as numbered with a display name property
    5. Create process to update the data, In 3rd action for Type list updation, map Type Code to code, parent to production line and Type to Display name
    6. In last action, map Type Code to Parent and Product to List Name

    This way you can update your list without any error.

    To create summary of Line Item Type wherever required, you need to create a new Type List with 2 items "S" & "W" and create a mapping module to map this new list to L3 Type list and use this new list to create summaries


  • In addition to @Himanshu1998 : The basic rule of a hierarchy: an element can have only 1 parent. In your case, the Type should have multiple parents: Type "S" cannot have setup parent Product Line 1 and Product Line 2.

    In order to make a unique element, you need to make the concatenation of Type with its parent Level 2 (Production Line). Not sure how important is to have the Type in the hierarchy.

    In your case, Type is a property of the Product (like an alternate hierarchy). So, in order to have in a report Totals by W or S, you need to consider creating a line-item property "Type" and associate the Type at the Product Level.

    I would also consider the case to eliminate the Type +Product Line level from the hierarchy and have Product only with 3 Levels and have the Type setup only as Line-item property of the Product (similar case of Role or Country setup as Employee level in the Level 1 course).

    Hope it helps