Restrict access to edit existing line items but allow to write new entries (DCA?)


Hello! My company tracks hundreds of different rates. Our procurement team uses an Anaplan upload to import these rates into the system. An example of what they upload could be something along the lines of Vendor Name, City, Rate.

The procurement team then has a UX page where they can update the rate if it changes for any vendor/city combination.

Is there a way to lock down the vendor/city line items so that they can only update the rate? I've tried DCA but this then impacts the upload (ex: they try to upload a new vendor/city/rate but only the rate is uploaded and not vendor/city due to DCA).

Thanks in advance.

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  • TristanS
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    @klozano I've encountered this issue before and used another boolean condition that was updated during upload process. For example,

    • Add lineitem "Upload executing?" boolean
    • As part of your DCA include "OR Upload executing?" as part of your DCA write condition

    In your upload process

    Step 1. Update "Upload executing?" line item to true

    Step 2. execute upload action

    Step 3. Update "Upload executing?" line item to false