Chart labels for multiple line item/version combination

I want to set up a line chart that shows 2 line items and 2 versions (4 total lines):

The chart works fine but the labels at the bottom only show the line items, not the versions:

Is there a way to show both the line items and the versions in the table?


  • TristanS
    edited August 2023

    @OliverMunns Try to repivot with the version as columns and line items as rows.

    You should then get a chart as below

    Otherwise another workaround I have done before is use a separate card for each of the items as per below. So in your case you can either have:

    • one card for each version, with each card having all the line items you want to report, and any additional dimensions in the page section OR
    • one card for each line item, with each card having all the verisons you want to report on, and any additional dimensions in the page section

  • Hy there i can see your post and i must

    1. Axis Labels: Clearly label the x-axis and y-axis with descriptive titles. For example, the x-axis could represent time periods or categories, and the y-axis could indicate values or quantities.
    2. Line Item Labels: Each line item should have a clear and concise label that describes what it represents. Use meaningful names or abbreviations that users can easily understand.
    3. Version Labels: If you are comparing different versions, provide a legend or key that explains what each version represents. Consider using different colors or patterns to differentiate between versions in the chart. MyAARPMedicare Register
    4. Data Points: If appropriate, display data points along the lines to show specific values. Label the data points directly if they are essential for understanding the chart.
    5. Tooltips: Consider adding tooltips to the chart to provide additional information when users hover over data points or lines. Tooltips can display specific values or other relevant details.
    6. Title: Include a clear and descriptive title for the chart that summarizes the overall content or purpose of the chart.

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  • @TristanS unfortunately this is a time-series line chart so I already have the time periods as the columns.