Can someone help explain what is the difference between a fake version list and native lists?



  • @Victor Y

    Native Versions are the versions that come with Anaplan.

    "Fake Versions" or Custom Version is a list found under General Lists that is created by the model builder.

  • Could someone please explain how to set up and use "Fake Versions" And of course the logic behind how they work. Thanks

  • @RijkersB

    It is just another list that you create under General Lists, but happens to be called Scenarios or Version List or whatever you want to call it. The members ste likely Actual, Budget, Plan, and/or Forecast.

  • @rob_marshall

    Thanks Rob,
    I am lost as to how to set up a "custom" or "fake" version regime. I would like to know how to do this and also, I would like to understand how the custom version works to mimic and enhance the features of the native versions.

  • @rob_marshall

    My own employer uses "custom" versions and I can see it involves lists, subsets and modules which also seem to interact with the native versions (I think) I am struggling to unpick the logic of how this works and interacts together…

  • @RijkersB

    "Custom" or "Fake" versions are just another list, created like any other list. As for how it works in your model, I can't help you with that as your model was custom built by the architects/model builders. I would highly recommend reading the link @jasonblinn sent to you in the other post you created on this topic.