Lv.1 8.5.3 Importing volume inputs


Hi, is anyone help me what is wrong with my module?

I'm trying to import data for "REV02 Volume Imputs module" from "Volume+Imputs.csv", but I am not sure what should I select for "Time" and "REV02 Volume Inputs Line Items" from mapping sorce.

If I mapped like above, "REV02 Volume Inputs Line Items tab" shows like below picture and I believe I did something wrong, that's why target items show strange item for source items.


  • Since your file's column headers contain the months/periods, map the (Column Headers) value to Time.
    Map fixed line item to the line items, essentially switching the mapping in your screenshot.

    In the Time tab, since your file's Time period format is YYYYMM, make sure that you select this period format in the mapping window.

    For the "Rev02 Volume Inputs Line Items" tab, select the line item where you need the values to go to and you should be good.

  • @kbandelaria, thanks for your reply and sorry for my late response, since I had a vacation….

    I also had trouble to change time period format. In the lesson video, it shows "Time tab" in the mapping window when it's loading a file, however mine didn't show the time tab and had no chance to change the time period format.