L2 Sprint 1 User story 1 - Create load geographic process


Hi, I'm unable to locate 5.2 and 5.3 flat lists in the action items list as required to map with 5 Load Geographies Process -

I can only see 5.1, 5.4 and 5.5. Please help how can I find the remaining two lists or if required to create, how do I create the new action items for country (5.2) and location (5.3) flat..

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated..

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  • ramonito
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    OK, I see, can you do the import again but this time select Everyone or Admins Only in the Set Default File

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  • PreetiJain
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    Kudos @ramonito ! Your suggestion has worked.

    Finally I can now see the flat list in actions tab. Many thanks!


  • It seems that there is no action created (5.2 Country Flat and 5.3 Location Flat) for import of country and location. You have to create the actions by Importing the file provided in the Exercise to the the Flat Lists

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  • Hi @ramonito

    I am unable to create action although I can see the flat lists created for both country and location already. I think I'm missing some fundamental steps here.. please help get this solved ..

  • Hello, in order to create an Import Action for example Country Flat,

    1. Go to General Lists, and open Country Flat Lists.
    2. Go to Grid View , and click Import

    3. Upload the file provided

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  • Thank you, dear @ramonito

    I have imported the data except parent column, since it's a flat file. It is also reflecting in the general lists.

    However, the concern yet is that how do I bring the list under actions tab to rename as 5.2 - It is not showing as location flat list that I can rename and sequence to add under process 5 Load gegraphies… kindy help.. thank you very much..