Anaplan Import Action - Import connector: Error obtaining input stream (caused by: File not found)


In snaplogic, We are using Anaplan-connect SDK version to connect to Anaplan.

As part of one of our customer usecase, we have created a process with 8 Anaplan import actions in it. Using Snaplan Anaplan snaps, created a pipeline which executes 8 anaplan uploads simultaneously and once all uploads are successful, we are executing the Anaplan process.

This flow works most of the times, but intermittently, we are observing "Import connector: Error obtaining input stream (caused by: File not found)" error in the Anaplan process and I don't see any upload failure for this.

Any quick help is really appreciated.


  • Sophiegardner
    edited August 2023

    You can follow this step:

    1. Check the file paths: Verify that the file paths used in your SnapLogic pipeline are correct. Ensure that the files being uploaded exist in the specified locations.
    2. Review permissions: Ensure that the Snap Logic environment has the necessary permissions to access the files being uploaded and execute the Anaplan process.
    3. Handle concurrent uploads: If multiple uploads are happening simultaneously, ensure that there are no conflicts where one upload overwrites or interferes with another.
    4. Error Handling: Implement proper error handling in your SnapLogic pipeline to capture and log more detailed error messages, which may provide insight into the root cause.
    5. Anaplan Logs: Check Anaplan logs for any additional error details that might shed light on the issue.