Level 1 Model Building SYS08 Employee Details Import Issue


I am trying to import Employee details but country is not linked.

Is there something I'm missing or should consider?


  • Hello,

    Please check the following:

    1. Formats for the target Module, the country column should in the - Country List

    2. Did you tried selecting Map items Manually, then mapping Country Code to Country Line Item

    Please tell me if it works :)

    Spread the love and humanity

  • yes thanks

  • Niso

    Were you able to solve this without mapping? instructions say to do it without manually mapping

  • @Niso @Solene - It's fine to map it manually. If the name in the excel column and line item names are the same, they will match automatically. Here in Excel, the name is Country Code, and in Anaplan, the line item name is Country. That's why it's not mapped automatically, and you must map items manually.