Is my Account Active for Anaplan's Workspace



I can access Anaplan Learning and Community, but I can't Access my Anaplan Academy Workspace, here is some information:

a. User:

b. I changed the password twice and I still can't log in

c. Error: The email and password combination is incorrect. 

d. Attached is a screenshot with the error.

My questions:

  1. Is my account Active for the Anaplan Learning Workspace?
  2. Can someone review and fix my access to Anaplan Learning Workspace?


  • Hello, I think the Anaplan learning and Anaplan workspace are two different websites. Make sure you are using the correct combination of user id and passwords when logging in into these two different websites. TBH initially even I got confused a lot but when I realised that the workspace website is different from the learning space website. I use the same user id for both but I have 1 additional character in one of the websites different to help me identify which password is for what. I wish the Anaplan community could do something about it for a new user it is definitely a bit confusing.

  • Thanks, I do something similar, and I still can't access my Anaplan Academy Workspace