How to access the latest value for an item in an archival list?


Hi All,

I have an archival list where after each month's data upload into anaplan the old months entries gets dumped into. And now for 1 requirement I have to pull one of the item from the list having last months value. i.e. the value just before the monthly upload. The Item that I am trying to pull has text format. Also in that list I have an item like code which is a combination of "XXXYEARmo-no" i.e 3 alphabets followed by year number like 2020 and then month of that year like 03 & then- and some number like 1,2,3 & so on. Please help me what logic can be used to pull the to a module.




  • Hi, IT sounds to me that in your archival list you would need to convert your code to a line item formatted as month. Then based on this month line item you can use Rank formula to get items ranked. Then item with Rank 1 or biggest rank (depending on which order you rank in) will be your last months value.