Alternatives to connect Anaplan to Tableau


We are connecting Anaplan to Tableau in one of our engagements, where Tableau is the downstream system.
Currently we are refreshing Tableau data or pulling data into Tableau via Anaplan-Tableau connector (which is native to Tableau).

However, as per Tableau 2023.1 release, Anaplan connector will be depricated in 1-2 releases.
Refer the link below for the Tableau article:

However, we are trying to find out alternate ways where we can connect Anaplan to Tableau.
Following are the options of connector available within Tableau:

It would be great, if team can help me with the options that are compatible with Anaplan as well from the above list.


  • Hi, are you using Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure. If you are using Google Cloud easy option would be to set an scheduled Cloudworks export to Google Big Query and connect Tableau to that Google Big Query table. With Azure or AWS it would be bit more complicated but still relevantly simple. You can set up cloudworks exports to AWS S3 or Anaplan and from there to supported tools in AWS/Azure.

    Other option would be to set an integration to your data warehouse and connect Tableau to your data warehouse.

  • As you are looking for sustainability of integration as well, I agree with @pyrypeura, this is the best method to connect anaplan to tableau.

    We have tried using APIs as well, but that is not that effective compared to the above ones.