How to get File IDs for a specific process and then download Via Azure Logic App.


I am trying to run couple of exports in a single process through Anaplan APIs,

the challenge is I want only the file IDs for the process which i am running, but if i run the get file ID API, i get all the files within the model, so is there any API which will let me take only the files which are under the process?

or is there any other method for this.

also, while downloading i want to download the whole file in a single chunk, but in the APIary page only option is an API which lets us download the file data with Chunk IDs.

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  • anirudh
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    Hi Vikas, this is a good question. There is no way to limit the file ID API by the process it's connected with. Even the process APIs currently do not identify the action IDs in that process. The only thing I can think of is to create a lookup table within an Anaplan module and in that table manually input the file ID against the process ID. Then you can call this lookup table using transactional APIs

    Also I don't think there's currently any way to download files in a single chunk, you will have to append the chunk numbers against each API call and then combine the chunks to get the complete file


  • Hi,

    Easiest way is to check from Anaplan modelling experience the actions included in the process and then to which files are linked to these actions. Then you can find file IDs for these specific files.

    From article below you can find python example on how to import and export files in single chunks

  • Hi Anirudh, did some research and came to the same conclusion, as for chunk part will have to see what i can do with available utilities.

    Thanks for the reply guys, means a lot.